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5.0 out of 5 starsWorth every drop.

March 11, 2015

Style Name: With Handle|Verified Purchase

I assumed the Chemex was probably going to be gimmicky and too much work compared to my Keurig Vue but I was very pleasantly surprised. While it does take a fair amount more effort to produce than my other pod base coffee maker, the difference in quality is stunning. After some trial and error, I wouldn't recommend using standard filters with the Chemex but instead stay with the thicker proprietary Chemex brand filters.

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat Coffee with Less Effort

April 17, 2009

Style Name: Classic|Verified Purchase

I've been through a lot of coffee makers, and hated them all till now.

My biggest issue has always been cleanup! I'd leave coffee-grounds in, be too lazy to clean it up later, get mold growing in the coffee maker's reservoir, and on and on.

The Chemex solves all these problems AND makes a stunning cup of coffee. Making the coffee takes a bit longer, as you basically have to spend about 5 minutes or so watching and pouring... however, it's fun to do! I actually look forward to the task. You find yourself making fine adjustments to your coffee making methods every day, just to see the differences you can make.

Cleanup is where you make up for the 5 minutes of pour time... Takes about 15 seconds... Drop the filter in the garbage, rinse the chemex out, put it back on the shelf. If you use hot water to rinse, it dries instantly... No small parts, no reservoirs that remain damp 24/7 collecting fungus, no series of tubes and tunnels that can never be cleaned. And the coffee is as perfect as you make it.