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This week, we’re giving away an Infiniti & Beyond Face Package

Ready to get serious about improving your skin tone and regaining the youthful glow you once had? Then it’s time for the Dirty Ex Package…

Most commercial products contain chemicals, fragrances, and synthetic ingredients. These can cause irritation, inflammation and dehydration, and they can actually contribute to, or worsen, the symptoms of aging (fine line, wrinkles, age spots and dull, lifeless skin). Infiniti™ and Beyond™ uses only earthen, Paleo, organic ingredients. All of our ingredients MUST have a relationship with dirt or they don’t make it into the PLO family.

The result? Hydrated, balanced, healthy and nutrient-dense skin that appears beautiful, radiant, clear and glowing.

The premium blend of primal ingredients in Infiniti and Beyond will help:

Infiniti™ and Beyond™ Face Package includes:

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