Two lucky winners will be picked to win Meal Subscription Plan for an entire month!

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But before we get into detail, who is Fromahome and what is this contest all about?

"If I would have asked people what they wanted they would have said a faster horse." -Henry Ford

Henry Ford revolutionized travel. Revolution begins with someone taking a different perspective on a problem. And the problem with meal?

We all know homemade meal is good for us.

But let's face it - what's good for us isn't always what we get.

Despite our best intentions, we have no other option than relying on food prepared in hotels, restaurants and fast food centres for our daily food needs.

Food does taste good at these places. However, eating out on a daily basis costs us most of our earnings, time and make us unhealthy.

Eventually, We get tired of eating out and we fall sick, angry and annoyed. We eat just for the sake of energy to live and work.

Even if we start cooking ourselves, cooking at home is very demanding. We need to face meal time stress, prepare meal plans, make a list and buy groceries from the market, cook and then clean the dishes.

Phew.. That’s lot of stress..

That is where Fromahome Marketplace comes in.

At Fromahome, we know there is a better way to get our food needs taken care by someone.

We know there's a way that helps you get someone take care of your food requirements like how your mom took care of your food needs and providing you with simple, hygienic and healthy food every single day.

And, it’s soon launching at Fromahome.

This contest is a referral game we created that rewards people that are interested in seeing our idea come to life while spreading the word about Fromahome and increasing our chances of success.

Join us by subscribing with your email address and share us with your friends to unlock free prizes including The Ultimate Grand Prize!

A lucky, randomly selected subscriber and the top ambassador will be selected to win the Grand Prize! See the Terms for official rules

The prizes and rewards are as follows:

1. Grand Prize-Top Ambassador

Lunch supply from LunchBoxMc for an entire month

For the one who scores the most number of entries

2. Grand Prize-The Lucky Winner

Lunch supply from LunchBoxMc for an entire month

For the one who will be picked up in a random lucky draw

3. Second Prize-2nd place winner

Lunch Supply from LunchBoxMc for an entire week

For the one who comes second in most number of entries

4. Third Prize-3rd place winner

Lunch supply from LunchBoxMC for 3 days

For the one who comes third in most number of entries

5. Fourth Prize-4th place winner

Milton Legend Container

For the one who comes fourth in most number of entries

6. Fifth prize-5th place winner

H&B Jute Lunch bag

For the one who comes fifth in the most number of entries

7. And, Everyone Who Scores Just 50 Entries Will Get a meal planner template! Do it now! :)



No joke, this is what's included!

A month’s supply of LunchboxMC

LunchBoxMc is the one stop solution to pleasing home-style and sumptuous gourmet food in Chennai! If you win, you will get South Indian Lunch delivered each and every day to your doorstep for an entire month! Good luck!