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Every month you get the chance to win an email marketing audit and a copy of the SaaS Email Marketing Handbook

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SaaS Email Marketing Handbook: Learn to double your MRR without spending 100's hours on features no one uses

Growing a SaaS product is insanely hard - especially when you're bootstrapping. That's why you need all the help you can get.

What you need is actionable help, not some high-level framework fresh out of an ivory tower. You need tactics that help you

The readers have used the knowledge from the handbook to make $100,000's in additional revenue

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1st Place ($299)

1st Place wins a free email marketing audit, where I will personally take a look at your existing emails and landing pages. At the end of the audit, I'll suggest ideas how you can improve your emails, copy, and your landing pages to get more leads, turn more visitors into trials, and make your customers more successful with the help of advanced email marketing tactics.

Random Winner ($39)

One random winner gets a copy of the SaaS Email Marketing Handbook (Full eBook Package). You can increase your chances of winning by referring friends to the contest and following my social media profiles.

Earn a free copy of the SaaS Email Marketing Handbook

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