Win $189 Worth of Unity3D Assets!

We are Giving Away All of our 5-star-rated Unity3D Assets Worth $189 to 1 lucky winner!

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If you develop games using Unity3D, you're going to LOVE these assets.

We've been developing and publishing premium Unity Assets on the Unity Asset Store for a year and a half now, releasing a total of 5 assets.

Across all assets, we've been blessed with constant 5-star reviews from our awesome customers, and we want to celebrate that with you today!

Therefore, we are giving away all 5 assets worth $189 for free to a lucky game developer + a guaranteed FREE gift to the 5 people with the most entries (read more below). The 5 assets are...

#1 Inventory Pro - Worth $65Inventory Pro is a highly flexible and easy to use inventory system that can be used for RPG, RTS, FPS and other game types. The asset works with Unity Personal and Pro, and includes the full source code.

To maintain maximum flexibility all items are serialized within Unity and saved as prefabs. You can fully modify these prefabs, add components, change models, textures, materials, and more!

#2 Sci-Fi design for Inventory Pro - Worth $45 Sci-Fi Design for Inventory Pro is a beautiful and versatile Sci-Fi UI design for uGUI (Unity UI). Almost all elements of the asset can be tweaked, and the entire asset is made in screen-spacing, making it complete VR-ready.

#3 LOS - Line of Sight and Hearing System - Worth $25LOS is a system to detect and hear targets in your game world, and it works by attaching just a single component to your objects. LOS is a super fast lightweight modular solution that is heavily optimized and production ready.

#4 Quest System Pro - Worth $45Quest System Pro is a super flexible asset that allows you to create and manage quests, missions, achievements, and NPC-to-play dialogues through conversation-trees in any type of game.

#5 Scene Cleanup Pro - Worth $4Scene Cleanup Pro allows you to automatically clean your scene hierarchy to keep your game projects clean. This saves a lot of time while developing and prototyping!

#6 BONUS GIFT: To the 5 people who acquire the most entries!
The top 5 people who acquire the most entries in the contest will receive a FREE voucher for Scene Cleaner Pro that can be redeemed through the Unity Asset Store. We will contact the winner as soon as the contest is over through E-mail!