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Meet Erotix

Welcome to Erotix! The next big thing in the Adult Entertainment Industry and the world of Cryptocurrencies.

Erotix is a refreshing new platform that focuses on giving content creators, the credits that they deserve. The main product of our platform is the Erotix Network. A video tube website where users get paid for uploading and watching videos. That's right, whenever you upload videos to our website, you will earn money. And it gets even better. You will also be rewarded for simply voting on people's videos.

Erotix Tokens (ERX)

The main currency behind our platform is the Erotix Token. Or ERX in short. A freshly minted token, deployed on the Ethereum blockchain for maximum security and stability.

While our users will be able to earn Erotix Tokens simply by interacting with the website, we also encourage our users to spent their ERX. Whenever you want to buy premium content on our website, we will offer you a 20% discount if you're paying with ERX! That's right, 20% off compared to when paying with USD. This helps keeping the value of the token stable.

Excited yet?

Be sure to check out our main website to find out more about Erotix and the team behind it.

Our ICO has already started and sold over a million tokens. Want to earn some free tokens? Join the giveaway!

ERX Giveaway

We will be giving away 5 x 5.000 ERX tokens. This has a value of 1 Ethereum - or $840 - per prize.

So what do you need to do? Simple, just click the button below and sign up. Winners will be picked on the 2nd of March.