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Meet your growth experts

We’re a group of e-commerce veterans who have scaled companies in every stage of growth. We're currently building out software tools, like VYPER, to help e-commerce companies scale.

Kevin Tang

The current head of product at VYPER, Kevin has built multiple e-commerce companies with 2 acquisitions ( and Winter Lotus). He has a knack for scaling a company from 0-6 figures and leading the early "growth hacks" of a company.

Jack Paxton

CMO of VYPER, Jack Paxton has previously acted as an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer to several multi-million dollar e-commerce brands. His strength lies in late stage growth, having taken companies from 6-figures to 8-figures and beyond.

What’s inside?

The Perfect Cart Abandonment Drip

Get the exact drip email sequence that helped us regain $50,000 in lost revenue in only 30 days.

How to Make Viral Contests WORK

Exploit viral mechanisms to get new leads on autopilot. But you have to do it right or else it won't work.

The Plugin That Will Add 20% More Revenue

One quick plugin can help you add 20% more revenue to your e-commerce store.

The Easy Guide to Retargeting Ads

The most profitable ad campaign you could ever run. You're basically losing money if you don't do this.

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