When you create your first contest through VYPER, it’s not just going to be set it and forget it. You have to do a little bit of creative positioning to get your contestants sharing your contest. This sequence activates your current & new audience to enter & share your contest.

Note that this sequence assumes you’re running a contest for 2 weeks. If longer than that, you should definitely do even more email blasts in between. However, we found that 2 week contests do really well.


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Email #1: Initial awareness of contest

Notes: Sent to the entire list usually right after the contest launches.

The first email is simple. Blast your entire list that you’re offering a new contest. Hype it up. Tell people about the opt-in bribe.

Email #2: Triple your chances of winning our contest

Notes: Sent to the entire list 5-6 days after the contest launches.

Potential subject lines:

  • Triple your chances of winning our contest
  • Here’s a secret “tip” to winning our contest

This email activates the social sharing aspect of your contest. If you’re going to get people sharing, make sure they know that they can share the contest to get extra entries.

Email #2 alternative: Opt-in bribe for sharing on Twitter or Facebook

Notes: If you’re using an opt-in bribe, let your contestants know that in order to unlock it, they must share your contest.

One of the cool features of VYPER is our built-in opt-in bribes. This allows you to offer a cool prize to ALL your contestants, not just the ones that win. You can also take it a step further, by incentivizing your contestants to share your contest in order to get the bribe (this functionality is built into VYPER).

The purpose of this email is to remind your audience that this option is there, and that they must share your contest in order to unlock the opt-in bribe.

Bryan Harris of VideoFruit employed a similar method for his contest. You can download his full email here, but the gist of it is below.

Email #3: You still have a good chance of winning.

Notes: Sent to the entire list about 9-12 days after contest launches.

Potential subject lines:

  • You have a great chance to win our contest
  • We didn’t get as many entries as we would’ve liked, this means you have a great chance

Email #4: The contest ends in 24 (or 12) hours!

This one’s pretty straightforward. Just let your contestants know that the contest ends in less than 24 hours to create urgency. In the email you might want to encourage users to share for more entries again.

Bonus: Include it in the PS. link in your broadcast emails.

The Hustle does this really well with their contests. Here’s an example below.

Ready to start a contest? We hope you’ll choose VYPER contests! =)

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