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How to Easily Create and Run a Viral Facebook Contest

This is the be all end all guide to running a viral Facebook contest that will 10x your traffic, email leads, social engagement, and revenue. Examples included!

Case Study: How Increased Their Email List by 125% From 1 Giveaway recently ran a giveaway to a super micro niche that generated a 125% lift in their email list. They were able to use a book giveaway they set up in under 20min to get a ton of...

Case Study: How a Digital Marketing Agency Generating Over 14k Emails For Their Client Using VYPER!

Summary - Dan is the owner of Digital Growth Agency and has had huge success using VYPER to run contest for his clients (14k emails & 8k new social followers). Dan shared that VYPER has been one...

Case Study: How an eCommerce Store Generated 41k Emails From 1 Contest

How an ecommerce store went from 2k to 36k email subscribers in 15 days from 1 contest. Case study – how to get these results and make your contest go viral!

Email Marketing Strategy: 2020 Guide

Email Marketing Strategy: 2020 Guide

Modern technology has given us multiple ways to approach an email marketing strategy. A marketer has to prioritize the latest and most effective approach.

Amazing Gift Ideas for Everyone

Amazing Gift Ideas for Everyone

With the holiday season approaching fast, we put together a great resource of gift ideas to help you find just the right thing for that special someone.

5 Secrets of Successful Video Marketing

5 Secrets of Successful Video Marketing

Once at the fringe between mere fooling around and actual digital marketing, it seems that these days, video content has taken over the reins of the internet and is ruling it with a hand of steel.


Create viral giveaways, competitive contests, sharable campaigns, and engaging referral programs.

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