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Welcome to PrepayWay Airdrop ROUND 2

Enter & Get InBit Tokens

PrepayWay is a new tool for international business that combines the functions of lawyers, banks, guarantors, and arbitration courts. Contracts for international transactions, settlements, and dispute resolution - all in one place.

We make international transactions easy and convenient.

Airdrop Overview

PrepayWay is airdropping 22 400 000 InBit tokens to 8 000 airdrop participants. You can get 800 InBit tokens (~€8) for completing some simple tasks and 100 InBit tokens (~€1) for every referral (maximum 20 referrals). 

InBit Token price: 1 InBit = €0,01

Estimated value: ~€8 for completing tasks and ~€1 for every referral

Airdrop token distribution will be after token sale


How to Get InBit Tokens

Join Airdrop → Get Your Unique Share Link → Share & Complete Tasks → Get InBit Tokens