Passion. Purpose. Publish!

What do you Love? Who does it serve? Let's Write YOUR Book! The 30 Day "Passion. Purpose. PUBLISH" Challenge

Sorry! The contest is over!

You know it. We know it. Your friends know it. Your family knows it too.

You need to write a book!

No more excuses.

Wake up. Grow up. SHOW up. Wake up the world with your words....and your work.

Let's do it together!


A brand new, proprietary system for turning your wisdom into words, your passion into purpose....and your PURPOSE into perpetual piles of publishing profits.

Everyone tells you the same thing. And now it's time you took action. It's time your inspired ideas, your amazing stories, your unqiue experiences and your hard won expertise had the audience it deserves.

Your words. Your wisdom. Your work. In front of the world.

The Passion. Purpose. Publish Challenge is for light workers, inspirational architects, blogging bodhisattva's, teachers, trainers, coaches, consultants, aspiring authors, artists, mindful marketers and enlightened entrepreneurs. We help PASSIONATE, purposeful professionals turn their blogs into books, their content into courses, their courses into communities, their communities into MORE connection, contribution and cash flow!

Are we YOUR tribe? Answer me this.

What do you love? Who does it serve? How do you show up in the world for people who need what you know, are headed where you've already been and would benefit from your experience and expertise?

Even if you DON'T plan to write a book this year.......

Even If you are searching for your thing......your sense of passion and purpose and a creative career of contribution and connection, we'd love for you to join our 30 day self publishing challenge:

What You Are Getting.

EVERYONE who joins below will get access to a LIVE, step by step, 30 day publishing workshop. Watch as a brand new non fiction book is outlined, published and promoted in 30 days flat.

YOU WILL get all of the steps, tips, techniques and paint by numbers "bake a book" templates for sharing YOUR gifts with the world, and turning your passion and purpose into perpetual piles of publishing profits.

The GRAND PRIZE winner will get a $3500 promotional package with penZEN Press......along with elite level private coaching, and whole slew of software (and services) for "going pro" in one month flat! If you've ever wanted to wake up the world with your words and work......THIS is for you!

Note: Our content runs from April 23 to May 7th, 2017. EVERYONE who participates will have EVERYTHING you need to have a live, quality, non fiction published book in 30 days flat. (with plenty of time to spare) But the grand prize WINNER? The grand prize winner will get a full $3500 value promotional package with penZEN press.....our publishing arm for healers, inspirational authors, light workers and enlightened entrepreneurs.

Who it's For:

We believe EVERYONE should share what they love, teach what they know and write a book! But our PASSION are purpose driven professionals who truly want to change the world with their words....and work. Inspirational architects, artists, teachers, trainers, coaches, consultants, helpers, healers, yogi's, mentors, mindful marketers, luminous light workers, blogging bodhisattva's, enlightened entrepreneurs and PASSION professionals who want to change the world with our words....and our work.

Our Mission:

Our short term goal is to help 1000 NEW authors get published in 2017 and our LIVE writing challenges are the absolute best way to wake up, show up and FINALLY get that book published.....EVEN if you hate to write. The bigger picture? We want to help our authors reach and teach 1 Million readers in 2017, and use our platform to help spread inspirational, educational and transformational messages with a world that desperately craves courageous content...and inspired authors and luminous light workers who truly want to step up, and inspire, educate, entertain and EMPOWER. The world needs helpful, hopeful and healing words and work - and we want to provide a platform to help make it happen.

Awaken your inner Superhero! The Bodhisattva Writers Challenge goes live on April 15th, 2017

When you win this content, you'll an amazing array of ammunition guaranteed to get your message out to the masses.

  1. You'll watch US write a book from scratch in real time. You'll get access to the behind the scenes canvas where the book is "baked" everyday. This isn't some sort of theoretical, vague, generalized experience. You'll watch a real book being written, published and ultimately, under 30 days.
  2. Watching us may be valuable......but that's NOT the real fun. The real fun is YOU writing YOUR book, sharing YOUR thing, and doing what YOU love, along side of us. You'll get access to 4 sets of templates you can use to quickly, easily and ethically write books that build BUZZ for your brand, that make people better, that share your experience and expertise and allow your natural passion, purpose and gifts out into the world.
  3. You'll learn why the vast majority of writing "tips" are useful, but incomplete, and why following the vast majority of them is a huge time suck. (hint....we ALL love to read, research, explore and learn. But forcing myself to spend 80% of my time creating content, and only 20% consuming it was the absolute BEST advice I've given myself, and the same will be true for YOU, too)

If you have struggled to get published, to find your voice, or discover the discipline, or simply HATE to write but LOVE the idea of being a best selling author.....

This challenge is for you.

Let's Review:

EVERYONE who joins the very first PASSION. PURPOSE. PUBLISH! Challenge will have everything they need to have their first book published by May 30th, 2017.

But winners will get special access to world class tools, and personalized coaching on every aspect of the publishing process. The grand prize winner will get a full publishing suite of services worth $3500.

(we'll work with you together, by phone and online, to ensure that we get your words out into the world, by May 30th, 100% guaranteed)

You'll also get lots of toys and tech that will make sure you have everything you need to build BUZZ for your blog, brand, business and bank account....BEYOND the book itself.

This includes all sorts of goodies, from free managed hosting for your blog, to an amazing array of tools and tech for extending your audience, and enhancing your influence in a cacocaphy of cool and creative ways.

What are you waiting for? We'll be adding new prizes, new incentives and new motivational magic every day between now and if publishing a book is on your bucket list of BIG ideas this year, we are your nothing is impossible tribe of supportive superhero's and blogging bodhisattva's, this is YOUR opportunity and we are YOUR community!

Join the adventure below!