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Win truly all-natural makeup

Win It Wednesday

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This week, we're giving away all-natural makeup

The winner will receive Foundation, Concealer and a Kabuki Brush

Looking to redefine your beauty, naturally? We can help you create the perfect foundation to your all-natural look.

Win It Wednesday from Primal Life Organics


For years, you’ve been covering your skin in foundations loaded with chemicals, preservatives and other unnatural ingredients.

At best, you may have found a foundation that boasts a few organic ingredients but was actually just a glorified chemistry experiment.

But no more… Because here at Primal Life Organics, we believe that you deserve the best.

You deserve natural. That’s why our Foundation is made using ONLY natural, earthen ingredients.

The secret to our Foundation lies in its unique blend of clays that not only offer you the coverage you’ve been looking for, but they also rejuvenate, soothe and heal your skin.

Our Foundation is available in four unique blends, so you can choose the shade that is just right for your skin tone.

Foundation from Primal Life Organics


Tired of blemishes, raccoon eyes, age spots and other skin discolorations? No worries! They’re a thing of the past with our Concealer.

Our Concealer boasts a proprietary blend of earthen clays, jojoba oil and beeswax. So it’s always 100% free of chemicals and preservatives, unlike those other concealers on the market.

The unique clay blend in our Concealer detoxifies your skin. This helps it heal faster while concealing your breakout and calming redness and inflammation. Now you won’t have to spend days on end waiting for your face to recover from a breakout.

No more hiding! It’s time to let your natural beauty shine.

Our Concealer evens out your skin, giving you all-day coverage. It can hide dark circles that make you look tired, even out skin discolorations, and conceal age spots.

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