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<REPLACE> First 300 people to enter win a FREE <XXXX>

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With Over $20k In Prizes, Everyone Who Enters Will Win Something!

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First 300 People to Enter Get a FREE <XXXX>

<INSTRUCTIONS - product you can give away for free & make money on shipping or upsells>

We had 300 extra in overstock, and we're giving them away in this contest! Just sign up and you'll be able to get this free product. Limited supplies, so please be sure to sign up ASAP!

Collect 500 Points to Unlock a Free <XXX>

As soon as you collect 500 points we'll email you instructions and a unique code to claim your gift. 

Collect 100 Points & Get 2 <XXX> For the Price of 1

As soon as you collect 100 points we'll email you instructions to claim your prize

Giving away $10,000+ in gift cards!

To help promote our brand, we're giving away a ton of gift cards. We'll be picking random winners to receive gift cards between $10 and $1000 in value.

The more points you collect, the higher your chance of winning.

How Are We Giving This All Away? Is There A Catch?

These giveaways help us get the word out about our store & awesome products. There's no catch, we just want to spread the word about <YOUR BRAND> !

There is no purchase necessary to enter the contest, and we're giving away TONS of free stuff.

Good Luck

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