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Returning the Wisdom to the Crowd

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Welcome to the SENNO bounty program!

NOTE: you MUST join our Telegram group to qualify for bounty payout >>

Senno is a decentralized NEO based sentiment analysis platform with an open SDK that uses distributed hardware. Senno was created to allow third parties to integrate sentiment and data conclusion tools into their own platforms. Senno will enable companies and individuals to tap into and stay connected to sentiment by getting real time indications of the public opinion on a specific entity in any field.

To reward our community, we have decided to launch a social bounty program! We will distribute 2% of our total supply (50mln Senno tokens) for the community.

The Senno Bounty Program is divided into 2 sections:

To join our bounty program, please read the following rules and make sure to check our terms & conditions document.

Rules and Important information

-This bounty program is managed by the Emissary Guild-