Template - Promote Mobile App

<REPLACE> Enter to unlock and win HUGE prizes, merch and discounts!

<REPLACE> or edit all the content below so that it is unique to your brand message and contest prizes.

Enter & WIN!

We're giving away $10,000 in prizes (merch, gift cards, app unlocks, unique experiences etc.)

In 1 sentence explain what your company is

In 1 sentence explain why you are running the contest (build your brand, engage with your followers etc)

Grand Prize

INCLUDES - List all the prizes you can offer. Make it something that your target market would want BADLY. (products, gift cards, App unlocks, unique experiences etc)

Runner-Up Prize

INCLUDES - List all the prizes you can offer. This can be a lower value amount than the first prize.

Collect 500 Points

To unlock our FREE guide (or. course, email challenge or video series) on how to xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Unlock extra app credits or features.

Collect 200 Points

To unlock a $10 in app gift card to use in our store, extended trial, upgrade in app etc.

How It Works

Enter the contest → Refer others → Complete bonus actions → Earn Points → Unlock & Win Prizes