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1M BCIO Tokens to claim!

Welcome to the Bounty Program

Sorry! The contest is over!

Welcome to the BCIO Bounty Program

We are excited to launch our BCIO Token Airdrop contest as our official bounty program! aims to become the most reliable crypto-assets marketplace in Europe, where crypto-currencies and tokens will be traded securely among institutional and individual investors.

The platform will offer:

- Cryptocurrency & token trading services

- A combined a centralized exchange with decentralized settlement

- Liquidity services to assist ICO campaigns and ICO listing

BCIO tokens will be available for trading in Q4 2018, which will mark the end of our ICO.

No wallet is necessary. A record of your activities is kept on Airdrop. You will register on after its launch using the same email used on Airdrop to receive your tokens.

The public sale will start on September, 17th 2018.

Join the whitelist at

Find out more about

Find out more about BCIO Token

You Need at least 200 Entries to Receive your BCIO Tokens

It's very easy to collect 200 Entries! In fact, you can do it in just two steps: Joining our Telegram group and following us on Twitter.

Don't forget to confirm your e-mail address. You must have a valid e-mail address to be able to receive your Tokens.

1 BCIO = 0.7 euro

The Sooner You Participate and the More You Do, the Better!

The first 500 participants to reach 200 entries will receive 100 free BCIO tokens at the end of the contest!

Collect the Most Entries to Increase Your Rank and Obtain More BCIO Tokens

Please review the Reward & Prizes section bellow.

This bounty program will include such missions as following our Twitter, retweeting messages, joining our Telegram groups, following us on Facebook, subscribing to our Reddit, commenting on our BitcoinTalk page and more!

Stay tuned! We are considering adding additional ways to gain tokens. We want you to succeed.

Ending Bounty

This Airdrop contest will end by July 31, 2018.

Your contributions (follows, content, tweet, post, etc.) must remain public until the end of the airdrop contest campaign and will be verified.

Airdrop Contest BCIO Tokens Distribution

You will receive your BCIO Tokens directly on our forthcoming exchange No wallet is necessary. There is a record of your activities. You will register on after its launch using the same email used on Airdrop to receive your tokens.

BCIO tokens will be available for trading on the platform in Q4 2018, thus ending our ICO.

Reward & Prizes

800K BCIO Tokens are to share during the airdrop contest:

Grand Prize Winner Contest: 20,000 BCIO Tokens

2nd to 10th: 10,000 BCIO Tokens

11th to 25th: 1600 BCIO Tokens

26th to 100th: 750 BCIO Tokens

101st to 250th: 315 BCIO Tokens

251st to 500th: 150 BCIO Tokens

501st to 1000th: 100 BCIO Tokens

1001st to 20000th: 25 BCIO Tokens

From 20001st: 200k BCIO Tokens to share 
(15 BCIO Tokens max per participant)

Thank you for participating!

For questions about the airdrop contest, please contact our team at:  

We hope to connect soon on our social networks!

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Good luck!

The team