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Copy of October Contest - amended few points by mistake...

Two lucky winners will win a CIMA OT Practice Kit with 500 Q&A for FREE for your upcoming CIMA exam + more amazing rewards for contest participants.

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Everyone Who Enters Will Win Something!

Practice Tests Academy is an accredited online CIMA tuition provider. 

We've worked hard to prepare interactive practice kits for all OT CIMA papers and now we're giving you a possibility to win one of them, for free! 

Our goal is to enable everyone to get the best possible study materials, so we came up with an idea of running this contest and giving away some of our packages. 

In this way, we will help out more CIMA students pass their exams and also grow our brand (so we can help even more CIMA students).

Want to get a proper feel of what you could win? Sign up for a free package here.

1st prize: 500 Q&A PACKAGE (VALUE £55)

Win any complete practice kit with more than 500 questions with explanations for any CIMA OT exam. 

That includes tonnes of interactive questions in a study format and also mimicking the actual exam conditions.

Visit the pages of our packages to see what you could win: 

BA1  BA2  BA3  BA4 ||  E1  P1  F1  ||  E2  P2  F2  || E3  P3  F3

2nd Prize: Mock Exam (VALUE £12)

Any CIMA OT Mock exam with 60 (or 85 in case of BA4) high-quality questions mimicking the actual exam conditions. Of course, explanations are also provided at the end of your exam. 

Get a mock for FREE for any paper you're studying for.

Random winner: 500 Q&A PACKAGE (VALUE £55)

To give everyone a fair chance of winning and also to help promote our brand, we're giving away an extra 500 Q&A package. We'll be picking random winners on the 31st of October (Halloween - spooky, isn't it?).

Everyone who enters, gets a 15% discount + ebook

Enter the contest and immediately get 15% off. That applies for any product or any upgrade you're considering. This coupon will be valid until the end of the year and 1 person can redeem 1 coupon.

Also we'll send you our ebook on "How to Pass Your CIMA exam on your first try". It's filled with actionable tips that will improve your studies and increase your chance of passing. We'll even add a video version of that ebook.

Need a bigger discount? How about 50%?

Collect 1700 points to automatically be given a 50% discount.

Why Are We Giving This All Away? 
Is There A Catch?

These giveaways help us get the word out about our awesome CIMA packages. There's no catch, we just want to spread the word about Practice Tests Academy! The more entries you collect, the higher your chance of winning.

Please note: There is no purchase necessary to enter the contest, and we're giving away TONNES of stuff for FREE.

Good Luck!

Follow your map: Enter → Claim Your Free Gifts → Collect Additional Entries → Unlock Big Discounts & Win The Grand Prize!