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Token Treasure TROOP!

500,000 IMAGE tokens to be awarded September 30th.

Welcome to the world's biggest bounty program, brought to you by Global Coin Report and ICOsuccess!

While you may have participated in different bounty programs before, nothing like what we're doing has ever been done before.

How it works

About Image Protect

By leveraging the blockchain, Image Protect let creators take back control over their images. Our innovative solution allows creators, publishers and token holders to all receive significant recurring revenue.

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Most tasks that we add in wont take much time to complete. Most  of them will involve sharing things on social media, watching videos, spreading awareness... Here's a few examples of what you can expect to do if you decide to signup:

We are aware that our bounty program should be something fun and engaging for everyone. We wont force you guys to complete extravagant time consuming tasks every day. Also, every task that we add into the contest is completely optional. None of these need to be completed. But it is true though that the more tasks that you complete the more stakes that you will earn...

Enough with the chitchat! What are you waiting for? Signup to the biggest bounty program ever created and get rewarded! 

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