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Journey to 100k
Crypto giveaway

Prizes include 5 mill Apollo APL, 1k Ripple XRP, 10k Makeafolio MAF + More
(please read below before signing up)

Sorry! The contest is over!

CONTEST UPDATE: Since more sponsors have joined the contest, the contest will be extended by 2 weeks (end date 10/16)! The contest will give double referral points(20) until Sept 28th and then be reduced to 5 points for remained of the contest. During the last 2 weeks of contest all points for tasks will be double and even tripled in some cases. This is to allow those that participated the most to have a much better chance at placing in top 10. 

Top 50 in contest will now receive 2,000 Apollo Coins and have much higher chances of winning the random 3 prizes.

Top 5000 participants will receive the 800 Apollo coins (APL), so if you want to receive APL, be sure to be in top 5000 in the contest. Distribution of prizes will take place throughout the end of October. 

Over $20,000 of Cryptocurrency in prizes! Complete daily tasks(like sharing videos/tweets) and refer friends to earn more points and increase your rank in the competition to earn better rewards. Top 10 winners will receive big prizes and top 3 even larger!

You will be asked for your Apollo Wallet ID and Twitter username when signing up. Make sure you enter these 100% correct in order to receive your prizes!

IMPORTANT: Only one email per IP address can be used. In order to keep airdroppers and cheaters out, we have the auto disqualify enabled. If you accidentally get disqualified, you will have to sign up with a fresh email on a new IP. Make sure to always sign in using the email you made your account with. Don't create multiple accounts!

Be sure to check your email to verify your entry in the contest

Cheaters will automatically be disqualified from the contest!

Disclaimer: I'm not a financial advisor and none of this should be taken as financial advice. You are not required to make any purchases in the sponsored projects. You should always do your own research and consult with a professional before making any investments. 

An Apollo Wallet is required before signing up. You can easily sign up for one here:

Learn more about Apollo Currency here: