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What is the Literary Box?

Quarterly's Literary Boxes are curated by notable authors, from well-known bestsellers to highly acclaimed new voices. This subscription is designed to help you explore new works of literary fiction and dive deeper into each book included in the box. Each box features 3 books, every quarter. Yes, you read that right. THREE. WHOLE. BOOKS. You will receive (1) the author's brand new release in hardcover, (2 & 3) plus two additional titles handpicked by the author; this could be a novel that inspired him/her or one that relates to the featured book.

What makes this subscription unique is the exclusive author insight that goes into every box. The featured author will include personally written annotations throughout his/her new release, shedding light on hidden plot lines, character development and real life events!

Last, but not least, what's a book box without the fun bookish goods? The featured author will also pick out thoughtful, fun and super-cool literary goodies, like bookmarks, teas, mugs and socks, that somehow relate to the books included in the box. Wear 'em, hang 'em, display 'em and use 'em with pride, fellow booklovers!

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