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Viral Contest Webinar + Bonuses

How do you go viral with your contest and get tons of customers practically overnight? Want to multiply the effects of your paid traffic strategy so you're paying less and earning more? Using innovative new strategies, you'll learn how to use VYPER with viral tactics & sneaky-good gamification.
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Brand Building Blueprint (using Giveaways and Referral Marketing)

Starting an eCommerce store is one thing. Building a brand is another. In this massive 5-hour course, Jack Paxton dives into how to run giveaways and use referral marketing to amplify your marketing efforts.

Facebook Ads for eCommerce

The missing key to any good eCommerce store is a reliable source of traffic. That's where Facebook ads comes in. Want to learn the 20% of Facebook ads that will get you 80% of the results? FB ads master Jack Paxton gave this presentation at SumoCon (cost $900), and it was called the "best presentation at SumoCon." You can get the entire presentation + bonus FB ads content for only $19 (value $197)

Ultimate Guide to Free + Shipping (with examples)

Free + Shipping is the core of the viral e-com store & is the key to creating a customer base FAST. Learn how you can leverage free + shipping to quickly build up an audience & customer base and make massive profits. This video series goes in-depth on various strategies and also covers the technical aspects of free + shipping so you can learn how this strategy can start making you tons of money. Will share in-depth examples inside.
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Email "Money Makers" for
eCommerce Stores

Paid traffic is usually not enough to make your eCommerce store tick. You need a free & repeatable source of income that you own. Enter email. Here's how to stand out with your e-mail marketing and ensure you're sending the right emails to your customers.
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The Dropshipping Masterclass

Not sure how to get started with e-commerce? Why not try dropshipping! Heavily emphasized inside the viral e-com store webinar, dropshipping can be both a tool for helping you buid your customer base, or it can be your entire business. Why wait? Get started with your e-commerce store in the quickest way possible with dropshipping. This masterclass will teach you how.
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Viral Facebook Academy (OLD)

(This course is now outdated.) Learn the "viral" strategy that has helped founder Jack Paxton scale eCom stores to $150 million in profitable Facebook ad spend.

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